What You Need to Study to Pass Florida Real Estate Exam

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What should you study to pass your Florida real estate exams? What is the secret for passing? What tips and tricks should you use when taking your real estate exam? What is the best way to review for the FL real estate exams?

Learn about the secrets to passing your real estate exams on the first try including our recommended strategy, tips, tricks and best practices to implement as well as the right study tools to use to best prepare yourself.
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Mistakes are learning opportunities. I’ve heard this quite a lot, and yes it is true—those are great learning experiences which you don’t want to repeat, again, you don’t want to repeat. Once you decide to take your first step to Real Estate Business, there will be examinations that you’ll meet along the way to evaluate you, and rightfully say that you are a competent real estate professional. Failing this type of examination will cost you dollars and what is most important, your time. 

Planning ahead before the examination will help you, and the questions are. How will you plan? What are you going to study? What are the topics that you want to focus more on? It is hard to predict the exact question that you are going to encounter on your examination since it is regulated, but what if we have a syllabus that was outlined by FREC (Florida Real Estate Commission) which you can use to help you focus on the real estate topics that will or might appear in your state examination? Pretty fun right?!

Here, we are going to present you with a syllabus where you can see the topic outline that you can review to prepare for your state examination, plus resources that you can use to access it. Also, as an experienced real estate professional, broker, and real estate coach. I will give you my personal top 10 list of what you want to focus more out of this outlined syllabus.


Course Outline Syllabus: 

- You can refer to the photo here on the list of course outlines that might pop on your state exam. The good thing with it, it has the weight of how expected the topic will pop up on your examination and you’ll see what’s the time length to review it.


Resource to use:

Key words are one of the best moves to study and absorb information from any resources, that is the reason why we created an audio recording of the courses that was outlined by FREC themselves. You can check it here, mp3audioreview.com


Top 10 Course Topic that you want to prioritize: 

To effectively give more guidance on how you can gear up on your upcoming state exam. Here are the list of the course topics that you want to prioritize:

  1. Real Estate Brokerage Operations
  2. Real Estate Contracts
  3. Real Estate Finance
  4. The Mortgage Market
  5. Property Rights: Estate, Tenancies, and Multiple Ownership Interest
  6. Title, Deeds, and Ownership Restrictions
  7. Estimating Real Property Value
  8. Computations and Title Closing
  9. License Law and Qualifications for Licensure
  10. Brokerage Relationship Ethics


Test your knowledge:

Once you have the knowledge in you, you need to validate it. We have that prepared for you. This is not just a mere question simulator where you will answer the question and you will receive the result. Not like that, we make it as if it is your coach. Once you submit your answers and get the results, you will then receive pointers on what courses you might need to focus on because that’s where you are lacking, that way it is a more directed study method for you. Check it out here at questionsimulator.com

Weekend Prep Recording

Last thing that you wanted to make sure you gain before you dive and embrace your acing-the-exam attitude is confidence and preparedness. This kind of composure will help you get your thinking straight all throughout the exam. We have a guide that we built for this which you can access at passfirsttry.com.


This strategy and guide was created for the sole purpose of acing the exam from your first try! Mind you, this is possible and hundreds of our students were able to do it, and I’m sure you can ace it. If you want a 1-1 guidance for your real estate licensure exam or state exam, you can call or text us at (813) 333-2676.


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