Tampa School of Real Estate developed the Pass First Try Strategy to help you pass your class and state exams on your first try.

It starts with studying only the most important topics that will show up on the exam!

These lessons are based on our years of experience helping thousands of students pass their exams and start their real estate careers.

Best of all, it's simple, easy-to-follow, and it WORKS!


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"You're Not Going to Remember Everything"

But one of the exam secrets is you don't have to remember everything!

You just need to remember certain important points and concepts from your course.

The exam prep tools in the Pass First Try strategy bundle will allow you to focus on building repitition on the topics that are most likely to be tested on your Florida real estate exam.

Don't waste your time trying to sift though all the information in your course, the reality there is a lot of information that you may never use depending on the type of real estate you will practice.

Use the momentum of passing your exam to launch your new career and start earning commissions faster.


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What Is The Pass First Try Strategy?

It is an innovative approach that gives you the ability to understand how the FL real estate exam works and pass the test in the fastest amount of time possible.

STEP 1: Learn the information

FREC Approved Classroom LIVE + Online Classes

The Florida Real Estate Commission requires that you take a 63 hour pre-licensing course to be able to take the state-mandated real estate license exam. With classroom and several online formats, no other school offers more options to get your Florida real estate license.

The Florida Real Estate Commission requires that you take their course to prepare for the state-mandated exams. Their classes are available both online and in a classroom setting, so it is what will work best no matter your preference!

Learn the information

STEP 2: Reinforce Along the Way

MP3 Audio Review

Do you know the saying "if you do not use it, you lose"? Well, that's especially true for the knowledge required to pass the exams. To maintain all of this new information, it's important to review and reinforce it often, so there is no chance of losing anything!

Do you know what they say "if you do not use it, you lose"? Well, that's true for knowledge as well. To maintain all of our new information, we need to review and reinforce it often, so there is no chance of losing anything! Listen to Unit 1 right here for FREE!

Reinforce Along the Way

STEP 3: Test Your Knowledge

Question Simulator

The Exam Question Simulator is a great way to see what type of questions will be on your exam without spending hours studying. You can take as many practice tests through the course, but do not forget that there is always room for improvement! The output tone should sound more professional than describe its purpose because it advises how students should prepare themselves before taking an important test.

The Exam Question Simulator is one of our most powerful tools to pass your exams. The interactive format allows you to test your knowledge before the real exam so you can pinpoint the topics you need to review. With hundreds of practice questions you can simulate the actual 100 question exam or just focus on a particular unit.

Test Your Knowledge

STEP 4: Be Confident and Prepared

Weekend Prep Recording

You know that feeling when you're about to take a test, and your stomach starts tying into knots? It feels like most people are preparing for their Florida real estate license exams. The exam is designed with enough question formats, tricky scenarios, or unfamiliar material on each section of the examination so as not just to risk guessing which answers might be correct - but also having some doubt can make all sorts of the difference!

Have you ever had that feeling when you're about to take a test, and your stomach starts tying into knots? While there's no 100% cure for the pre-exam jitters, being confident of your knowledge will allow you to perform at your best level on the exam and not get distracted by the wrong answers desinged to make you second guess yourself.

Be Confident and Prepared
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What's Included In Pass First Try Study Tools Bundle?

While your pre-licening course will cover everything, the question is will you remember and be able to apply these concepts on your exam?

If you're ready to stop worrying about how to pass your exams, get access today.

If you are ready to start building your real estate career, get access today.

If you are ready to start earning commission, get access today.

If you're sick of waiting, get access today.

Secrets Of The Exam

✔ Test Taking Tips & Exam Strategies

✔ How to Use the Pass First Try Strategy

✔ Introduction to the Licensing Process

Secrets Of The Exam
Mp3 Audio Review

Mp3 Audio Review

✔ 5-Hour Audio Review to Reinforce Key Points

✔ Listen Anywhere You Have an Internet Connection

✔ Broken Down By Unit & Exam Percentages

Question Simulator

✔ 700+ Practice Questions - Test by Unit or Simulate Exam

✔ Instant Feedback & Explanation After Every Question

✔ Use Results to Identify Units to Focus

Question Simulator
Weekend Prep Recording

Weekend Prep Recording

✔ 16 Hour Recording - Watch by Unit or Full Recording

✔ Interactive Format - Workbook Included

✔ Watch from Any Internet Connected Device

✔ Pause, Rewind & Change Speed

The Best Real Estate School Ever!
Jon Carissimo

Instructor at Tampa School of Real Estate

Jon Carissimo

Jon Carissimo

"This package condenses information into Easy-To-Understand study Material."

Why Choose Tampa School Of Real Estate?

Up-to-date Content And Platform

Up-to-date Content And Platform

Content is the key to your success, and we’re constantly updating our courses to keep up with industry changes. We want you to learn, grow, and succeed through the most revolutionary ideas in education.

1 Year Retake Guarantee

1 Year Retake Guarantee

If you do not score at least 70% on the end-of-course exam, FREC rules require that you wait 30 days before you can retake a different version of the exam. If you do not pass on the second attempt of your exam, FREC rules require that you retake the course in full. Under our 1-Year Retake Guarantee, as long as you retake the course within 1-year of the start date of your course, we do not charge any retake fees. Retakes are subject to space availability.

Online And Classroom

Online And Classroom

Classroom Courses and Online Courses. We’ve built LEAP, our custom online learning solution, to engage students with interactive content featuring real-world scenarios.



We know life can get busy. By learning online, you can access your course whenever you want, wherever you are. Have time first thing in the morning? That’s great. Awake at 2 AM? Hop online and pick up where you left off!

Customer Service

Customer Service

Learning online means you can take your course whenever you have the time, so shouldn’t you have support when you need it? We’re here for you 7 days a week via phone, chat, and email.

Pass Rates

Pass Rates

Most providers don’t publish their students' pass rates. We pride ourselves on having some of the highest pass rates in the industry.

All Florida Real Estate Schools Must hold a Florida Real Estate School License by State Law.

Our Real Estate School License # is ZH1002233

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