Verify Post Licensing & Continuing Education Hours

    1. Complete Post Licensing/Continuing Education

Once you have completed your course(s), we immediately report your completion information to the DBPR.

If you have not yet enrolled in the courses required for your renewal cycle, you can enroll below.

    1. Recieve Completion Certificate

After successful completion of each course you will recieve a completion certificate from us no later than the next business day.

This certificate is for your records, your course completion will be immediately reported to the DBPR.

    1. Verify Hours (Wait 48-72 Hours After Completion)

Although your completion is immediately reported electronically, it may take 48-72 hours (sometimes even longer when close to a renewal deadline) for your hours to reflect on the DBPR's website.

DBPR Website:
DBPR Phone: (850) 487-1395

Watch the video above to see how to verify if your hours reflect on your license.

In rare cases, your hours may not sync to your license. If your hours do not reflect 72 hours after your course completion, CALL US IMMEDIATELY at (813) 333-2676 so we can manually resubmit your course completions to the DBPR and ensure your license reflects your hours completed.

All courses are submitted with the completion date of your course. As long as all required courses are completed by 11:59 PM EST on your deadline, you will have successfully fufilled your renewal education requirement.

Course completions submitted close or on the deadline may cause your license to temporarily become Null & Void (Post Licensing) or involuntary inactive (Continuing Education). If this occurs, the DBPR will have to manually reactivate your license which may take 1 - 2 weeks.

    1. Pay Renewal Fee

Once all of your required hours reflect on the DBPR website, all you have left is to pay your license renewal fee on the DBPR website.