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Learn the Secrets of the Real Estate Exam!
This course focuses on test strategies you can implement to squeeze out some extra points on your score!

These test strategies will help you take advantage of the computer based testing system, understand the way questions are asked and much more.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Scheduling Your Exam
  • Calculator Muscle Memory
  • The Night Before
  • Pre-Exam Warm Up
  • What You Need to Bring
  • Tutorial Time
  • The Exam is Not Your Friend
  • Stay Positive
  • Test Anxiety
  • Budgeting Your Time
  • The Pass First Try Strategy
  • Don't Study the Wrong Topics
  • The Grading Scale
  • How to Approach the Question
  • Process of Elimination
  • Only Florida Real Estate
  • Forget What You Know
  • Don't Add to the Question
  • Not in Course, Not on Exam
  • What the Question Says, Goes
  • The Wrong Answer
  • Question Clues
  • The Desperation Strategy
  • After the Exam
  • Final Words

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