Important Key Terms for Florida Real Estate Exam

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What are the most important key terms for the Florida Real Estate Exam? What real estate vocabulary will help you ace the state exam? How do the key terms show up on the exam? What is the best way to study the real estate vocab so you’re fluent in the language of real estate?
Review some of the most important key terms for your Florida Real Estate exam on this week’s episode of Ask the Instructor!
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Having a conversation with someone that you don’t speak the same language with can be very confusing right and may lead to misunderstanding, right? That’s the same scenario that you might encounter once you take your Florida Real Estate Exam and you don’t know the words that you’ll read and what it means in Real Estate language. Maybe you are bright enough to check for context clues, but what if it doesn’t give you any clue at all?—then you are screwed.

Well, let’s avoid that from happening, I’ll unfold most of the important key terms that you might feel lost when you encounter it on your Florida Real Estate Exam.


Stipulation: setting up a deal

Acknowledgement: notarization which is not required

Constructive Notice: recording that was passed the public records

Clause: paragraph or text block 

Due on Sale Clause: mortgage due when property sold

Contract: promise, agreement

Note: mortgage contract

Assumption/Assume mortgage: buyer added to seller’s mortgage

Breach: break of contract

Remedies of Breach: liquidated damages, forfeit of deposit

Specific Performance: sue to perform contract

Leasehold Estate: where you are leasing property

Estate for years: lease end date

Tenancy at will: agreement of week-to-week or month-to-month you have to give notice

Tenancy at sufferance: staying beyond the end date


These are the tip of the iceberg vocab that you might want to know before taking your Real Estate Licensing to avoid the language gap. Also, if you want to check for our guides before taking the examination you can check


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