The Licensing Process Explained

How Do I Get My License?    

Most people interested in getting their real estate license are not familiar with the process.  While we are always happy to explain what is required to get your license, we thought an article would help answer some of the most-asked questions.

In order to buy or sell a property for others and receive a commission, you must hold a valid FL Real Estate License.  The state of Florida has strict requirements that must be met by each applicant before they can receive a license.  Each applicant must pass a background check, the required licensing course, and the state exam. (For more information on the application and background check please refer to the step-by-step tab found on our website.  Step-by-Step

Please note- getting a Real Estate License does not automatically make you a REALTOR®.  REALTOR® is a designation given by the National Association of REALTORS®, not the state of Florida.  We will cover this later in the article.

Let’s Get Started

To start the process you need to enroll in the required sales associate pre-licensing course.  You can complete this course in a classroom setting or online.  (see our article about classroom vs online  Classroom vs Online ).  An applicant must complete and pass this course from an accredited provider to be eligible to take the state exam.  The Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) provides oversight and accreditation to Fl Real Estate Educational providers.  Do your research and make sure the school you choose is licensed by FREC and covers the material you will need to pass the state exam.  It should include the latest developments in Florida’s real estate law and practices, terminology, finance, contracts and more.

What are the key points students should consider about the education process of getting a license?   Take the course work seriously.  Study the terminology and information covered in the course.  You must take the exams seriously.  The state exam can be tricky and will try to mislead you with questions you won’t be able to answer if you don’t know the material.  If you fail to prepare and spend time studying there is a good chance you will fail your exam.  The time and dedication you put into studying the material will payoff when you successfully pass your exams and are issued your license.

You will be issued a certificate after passing your end of course exam. The certificate shows you have successfully completed the required course and are eligible to take the state exam.  You will take this certificate with you to the test center when you go to take your exam.   You can view the step-by-step licensing process on our web page.   Step-by-Step Process

Hurray- You Passed the Exam

Once you receive your license you will need to find a Broker to work under.  The Broker will provide training and guidance in the proper way to practice real estate in an ethical manner.  They will lead you through your first few contracts and support and help you grow in your career as a new agent.  Check out our pod-cast of how to choose a broker.   Choose a Broker


So, are you a Realtor® now?   Not yet.  You are a licensed sales associate or agent.  The State of Florida has nothing to do with the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).  Only NAR can designate you as a REALTOR®. You must attend an orientation at your local board, and be sworn in to follow the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and all rules set forth by NAR to get the title REALTOR®.  Failure to follow ethics rules and codes of NAR can result in your being dismissed as a member of your local board and NAR.  Being a REALTOR® means belonging to a higher trade organization than what is enforced by the state license. You have sworn to uphold all duties and ethics and to perform your job as an agent to a higher standard.

As a member of the National Association of REALTORS® you have access to a wide array of benefits, business tools, real estate market data, and discount programs designed to help you succeed in today’s market.  You will also be able to gain access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) once you have joined your local association and NAR.  You must join the association for MLS access.  Access to the MLS is vitally important in residential real estate. The MLS will show all properties listed for sale.   Having access to the MLS will allow you to list properties for sale or find properties for your clients.

This does not cover everything involved in becoming a licensed agent. However, it does give a good basis for what is required and how to get started.

Are You Ready to Start?

Hopefully, this article has answered most of the questions you may have had about how to get a Florida Real Estate License.  If you are ready to start on an exciting new career in Real Estate we would love to help. Visit our website for information on our classes.  We offer both classroom and online options for the required course.  If you have any other questions please give us a call at 813-928-0106.  We would be happy to assist you.

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