How to Dress for Success in Real Estate

How to Dress for Success in Real Estate

For many new agents starting out, the realtor “dress code” can seem confusing at first.  Are you supposed to keep it casual, professional, or somewhere in between? The answer is all of these. Honestly, it depends on the area, the client, and situation. An agent showing a beach condo in Hawaii isn’t going to dress like the agent showing a mansion in the Hamptons. Tampa Realtor Jon Carissimo says, “I’ll typically wear a suit whenever first meeting a client. A great first impression is crucial. Once I get to know them better, I’ll either dress up or down depending on the client.”

He’s exactly right about first impressions, people will start making judgments about your professionalism from the second they see you. You definitely want to make sure you’re looking polished, awake, and put together for that first impression!

Based on feedback from professionals in the real estate industry we have compiled this set of tips to dress for success for both men and women.

Women’s Essential Dress for Success Tips

Here are some essentials women should consider owning as a real estate agent:

A Ponte blazer is a more casual version of the classic blazer. It’s a step up from a cardigan, and a step down from a classic blazer or pant suit. Wear it over a patterned blouse and pair it with jeans or trousers and dressy flats. It doesn’t wrinkle so it’s easy to keep one of these in your car and throw it over a casual outfit if you’re in between showings. It’s perfect for a business-casual look while maintaining a polished appearance.



The pencil skirt is a great piece to wear when going for the business professional look, or for a first meeting with clients. Make sure it reaches your knees or just above the knees, and pair it with a nice blouse, blazer, or a plain button down. This basic piece can be dressed up or down and looks great accessorized with a slim belt to add a pop of color.



A classic black heel goes with most business professional outfits. It dresses up and pairs great with trousers, skirts, and dresses. However, while stilettos look great when showing a house, make sure you’re wearing the right type of heel for your location. If you’re showing a house that requires you to walk through soft turf like grass or sand, make sure you’re wearing wedges so your stilettos don’t get stuck in the dirt.

wedge                          stilettos



A button down dress shirt works wonderfully with a pencil skirt, a pair of fitted trousers, or under a blazer. They’re easy to find in different colors and patterns. Just make sure it is opaque so you can’t see through the shirt in any lighting you might find yourself in.

button down


Men’s Essential Dress for Success Tips

A clean pair of dress shoes is a must have for male agents. They complete any professional look beautifully. Get yourself a pair of neutral colored ones to wear with any business-professional outfit you own. Make sure to wear matching color dress socks and keep them in good condition.

dress shoes

A pair of Khaki’s can be your go-to’s for your more business casual showings. They can be dressed up with a button down shirt, or dressed down with a polo, depending on where you’re going. Accessorize them with a belt and matching shoes, and you are golden.



A well-fitted sports coat will dress up any outfit. Buy a neutral colored coat and mix and match it with the button downs in your closet. They look great with jeans or dress pants, and a nice pair of dress shoes

spports coat



The dress shirt is your chance to express yourself and add a pop of color, pattern, or texture to your outfit. Dress shirts are easy to wear with a tie, no tie, or under a sport coat. Consider wearing a plaid, or striped shirt as well as colored shirts. Small details can make you more memorable as an agent. Just don’t get too flashy

maroon striped plaid


The most important thing to remember as an agent no matter what you’re wearing is to look clean and carry yourself well. An outfit you feel comfortable in can change your attitude and give you that extra boost of confidence when talking to clients or showing houses. When you feel great, you can be great.

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