Florida Real Estate License with a Criminal Background?

Feb 17 , 2017

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Florida Real Estate License with a Criminal Background?

Is it possible to get a Florida Real Estate License with a criminal background?

Students often ask if they can get a Florida real estate license with a criminal background. While it is not a simple yes or no answer, more often than not the answer is yes.

How to Apply for a Florida Real Estate License with a Criminal Background?

To get a Florida Sales Associate or Broker license you must submit an application to the state of Florida. Next, you must have your fingerprints taken for a background check.

In addition to the background check, you must also include details of convictions, pleas or nolo contendere on the application. It’s important to note that you do not have to include any expunged crimes or minor traffic violations.

In addition to DUI’s, petty theft, and underage drinking, you must also include any other misdemeanor or felony charges. You must also include any criminal background that occurred outside of Florida.

Background Check for Florida Real Estate License

The Department will compare your application to the background check results. The background check pulls from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Federal Bureau of Investigation databases.

It’s important to complete your application fully and truthfully. Overall, lying or omitting information on your application will only make matters worse. In short, you must include all information about the case, including the disposition, penalty, etc.

All of this information will go to the Department of Business & Professional Regulation. Once received, the Department of Business & Professional Regulation staff will begin going over the application and background check results.

After reviewing the information, the Department of Business & Professional Regulation recommends a decision to the Florida Real Estate Commission.Obtaining a Florida Real Estate License with a Criminal Background

Who Determines Real Estate License Eligibility in Florida?

The commission will place your application on the Consent Agenda if there are only a few minor violations. In addition, the commission may also place you on the Consent Agenda if significant time has passed since the violation.

At the next monthly Florida Real Estate Commission meeting, the members will go over the applications on the Consent Agenda. The Florida Real Estate Commission will approve your application if they do not have any objections.

Occasionally, a commissioner will want more information on an application. In this case, the commission will schedule a hearing. The commission may immediately schedule a hearing if your violations are more serious, recent or many.

You should get legal representation for help with hearing. At the hearing, you will be able to explain your background to the Florida Real Estate Commission. You should present any reasons that would allow you to get a license.

The commission often approves many of applications at the hearing. However, if the commission determines the offenses were too severe, too many or too recent, they may deny the application.Florida Real Estate License With a Criminal Background Application Process

Submitting Your Florida Real Estate License Application

Unfortunately, there is no way a school, instructor, or even the Department of Business & Professional Regulation can give you an answer. However, your approval odds are good if the crime is not recent and is not a crime of moral turpitude.

Only the commission can decide if you will be eligible for a Florida real estate license with a criminal record. The Florida Real Estate Commission members will make the final approval decision. Therefore, submitting your application and fingerprints will give you a confirmed answer.

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