Real Estate Application Fingerprint Deficiency

What to do if you get a Real Estate Application Fingerprint Deficiency

If you received an application deficiency notice from the DBPR regarding your fingerprints there can be a few reasons reasons why this may happen.

If you did not complete your fingerprints with an FDLE & FBI approved live scan channeler, then you must get your fingerprints digitally rolled or an ink card scanned by one of these vendors.

If you did get fingerprinted by an approved channeler, you will have received a TCN number that you must provide to the DBPR.

Join today's episode of Ask the Instructor to learn more about how to avoid application deficiencies and handle them if they arise!

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Hello i have completed my fingerprint two weeks ago and my application last week but haven t heard nothing back where would i be able to look to see if im approved will there be a letter or e-mail sent?

Charles Holmes

I need school phone number. I will call for information.

gala Infante

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