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Pre-Order: FL 45-Hour Sales Associate Post Licensing Online Course CE LEAP


Pre-Order: FL 45-Hour Sales Associate Post Licensing Online Course

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Our online real estate post license course is broken into 3 easy manage 15-hour mini courses. This will provide the 45 hour credit required by the Florida Real Estate Commission for a first time renewal of a Florida real estate sales associate license.

Tampa School of Real Estate is the highest rated real estate license school in Tampa. Our In-Person Florida Real Estate License Classroom Course has received over 1,248 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5.

    Course Info

    What's Included?

    • 3 Easy to Manage Mini Courses
    • Real Estate Business Planning (15 Hours)
    • Real Estate Finance & Economics (15 Hours)
    • Real Estate Market Specialties (15 Hours)
    • Meets Florida Real Estate Commission Required 45 Hour Requirement
    • Access to a State Certified Instructor for Course Material Questions
    • Weekly Q&A Livestream
    • Weekly Business Development Mastermind Livestream
    • Dedicated Technical Support Team
    • 1-Year Retake Guarantee
    • Completion Certificate
    • Diploma Great for Framing

    Online Course Advantages

    Our online courses are the most comprehensive in the State of Florida! You are free to access these courses at anytime 24/7 from any internet connected computer. These courses combine lessons that students can review at their own pace, up to five different types of interactive exercises, visually stimulating instructional graphics, and exams that measure student understanding of the material.

    • Easiest and Fastest way to complete the course
    • Access the course at anytime via any internet connected computer
    • State of the Art Online Classroom
    • No Shipping and nothing will be downloaded to your computer
    • Works on PC, Mac, Android & iOS Systems
    • Instant feedback on assignments
    • Work at your own Pace

    State Certified Instructor Support

    Our eager and highly trained instructors are available by phone, email or in the classroom to assure that you fully understand and comprehend every topic of the course. Stuck on a certain detail? No problem, just call or email one of our instructors who will gladly explain the concept in detail.

    • Dedicated State Certified Instructor Support Team
    • Available via both Phone and Email
    • Great for any course topics you find confusing
    • Available 8:00am - 6:00pm Monday - Saturday
    • Dedicated Instructor Support Hotline
    • Free for 1 Year

    All content found in this course conforms to the Florida Division of Real Estate's prescribed Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) Course I Syllabus for the post license course for sales associates.

     Course Overview

    Business Planning (15 Credit Hours)

    Throughout the Florida Post-Licensing Course A: Business Planning and Marketing course, we will be exploring various strategies for successfully building your business through the use of business plans, innovative marketing strategies, real estate-specific systems and software, and the latest technology and social media trends.

    Broken down into four separate modules, this course looks at everything from developing a budget that will help you achieve your goals to creating a mobile office. More specifically:

    • In the first module, Business Planning, we will discuss how to create a detailed business plan—your ultimate roadmap to success.
    • In the second module, Selling to Your Sphere of Influence, we will explore different strategies for growing your business, with an emphasis on building relationships, not leads. We will also look at how to build a sphere of influence business plan that will work in tandem with the broader business plan you will be creating in the first module.
    • In the third module, Today’s MLS, we will look at how to use the MLS system to improve your business, better serve your clients, and more efficiently work toward meeting the goals you set for yourself in your business plan.
    • In the fourth and final module, Real Estate Technology: The Professional’s Guide to Success, we will examine how technology can give you an edge over the completion, improve your time and relationship management skills, enable you to better market your services, and so much more.

    Course highlights include:


  • Detailed instructions for creating a well-crafted, personalized business plan
  • Tips for calculating how much revenue you will need to generate each year in order to achieve your goals
  • Techniques for managing your time to better support your business goals and serve your clients
  • Strategies for branding and marketing yourself through various different channels
  • Techniques for growing your sphere of influence and increasing your number of referrals
  • Tips for writing listings that comply with fair housing, advertising, and anti-trust regulations
  • Instructions for using MLS so that you are in compliance with ethical sales standards
  • An overview of how technology like tablet PCs and GPS systems can help real estate professionals perform their jobs more efficiently
  • A look at how agent and property websites can generate increased interest in listings
  • Information on how the latest software can streamline office tasks, saving you time and money
  • Tips for using social media trends to spread the word about yourself and your business

    Finance & Economics (15 Credit Hours)

    Throughout the Florida Post-Licensing: Finance and Economics course, we will be discussing issues relating to mortgages, home equity lines of credit, credit scoring, the closing process, fraud prevention best practices, basic taxation concepts, and so much more.

    As with the previous course, Florida Post-Licensing: Business Planning, this course is broken down into four separate modules. For instance:

    • In Module Five, Foundations of Real Estate Finance, we will examine the history and current state of the market, as well as broadly address topics such as the major sources of mortgage loan funding and the differences associated with various loan options.
    • In Module Six, From Contract to Keys: The Mortgage Process, we will take a more focused look at the mortgage loan transaction process and discuss the role of the real estate professional as it relates to this subject.
    • In Module Seven, Keeping It Honest: Understanding Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud, we will continue our examination of mortgages, this time with an emphasis on the common types of fraud and how you, as an industry professional, can help your clients safeguard against fraudulent activities.
    • In Module Eight, The Basics of Real Estate Taxation, we will look beyond mortgages to address some of the taxation and deductibility issues your clients are likely to face as they buy and sell residential property, engage in like-kind exchanges, and/or work from their homes.

    Course highlights include:

    • An overview of the current state of the real estate finance market and its impact on the real estate industry as a whole
    • A discussion of the benefits and risks associated with common loan options
    • A comprehensive overview of the mortgage process and your role within it
    • A detailed, section-by-section examination of the 1003 Uniform Residential Loan Application
    • A look at predatory lending practices, including tips on how to protect your clients
    • Essential do’s and don’ts for your clients as they undergo the credit approval process
    • A thorough look at the steps involved in the underwriting process
    • A discussion of the common types of fraud found in the real estate industry
    • Tips for protecting yourself and your clients against mortgage fraud, including a list of red flag behaviors to guard against
    • Information on government initiatives designed to prevent fraud
    • A look at how capital gains and losses are calculated

    Market Specialties (15 Credit Hours)

    Throughout the Florida Post-Licensing: Market Specialties course, we will be discussing crucial niche subjects that you, as a real estate professional, are likely to encounter. In your day-to-day interactions with customers and clients, you naturally come into contact with all sorts of home buyers and sellers. This course will look at an assortment of topics designed to help you find success with all types of clients, including those who are facing foreclosure or involved in a short sale, eco-minded clients, real estate investor clients, and clients who are interested in commercial real estate.

    As with the previous two post-licensing courses, Business Planning and Economics and Finance, this course is broken down into separate modules. For instance:

    • In Module Nine, Listing and Selling HUD Homes, we will examine how HUD acquires properties, the different types of HUD homes available, the rules for listing a HUD property, and more.
    • In Module Ten: Advocating for Short Sale Clients, we will continue our discussion of distressed properties by, this time, exploring the short sale process.
    • In Module Eleven: Listing, Buying, and Selling “Green” Homes, we will look at how you can capitalize on the “green” trend by helping environmentally minded clients find green homes.
    • In Module Twelve: Real Estate Investors and Your Business, we will discuss recent and current market trends, and techniques for working with real estate investors.
    • In Module Thirteen: Commercial Basics, we will look at the ins and outs of commercial real estate, including key terms and concepts, marketing guidelines, financing issues, and more.

    Course highlights include:

    • An overview of the federal guidelines for listing, marketing, and promoting HUD homes
    • A look at how HUD bids are submitted and accepted
    • A detailed, section-by-section examination of the Sales Contract form (HUD-9548)
    • Tips for working with a lender’s representative on a short sale
    • An overview of the process and timeline of a short sale transaction
    • A look at the requirements for officially calling a property “green”
    • A look at simple ways to “green” up any listing in a matter of minutes
    • A discussion of recent and current real estate market conditions
    • A comprehensive look at criteria-based investing, including a downloadable Criteria Worksheet for future use with your investor clients
    • An examination of the different types of commercial real estate available
      Strategies for identifying and meeting the unique needs of commercial real estate clients 

    Renewal Steps

    Completing Your Florida Post Licensing Requirement Can be Easy!

    "Whether holding an active or inactive Real Estate license, the Florida Real Estate Commission requires that all licensees complete a FREC-approved post-licensing course consisting of at least 45-hours, prior to the expiration of the initial sales associate license."

    The good news is that you can complete this requirement virtually with our on-demand online courses. It can be from the comfort of your home, your office or wherever you have a computer with an internet connection.

    Step One: Enroll in Post Licensing Course

    Your Real Estate License will have a deadline printed on it by which you must complete your Post Licensing Requirement. Failure to complete this by the specified date will cause your license to become Null and Void.

    We recommend enrolling in our Post Licensing course at least 90 days prior to your deadline, as this will allow you to take your time with the material. This will keep you from feeling rushed and will give you better chances of passing your exam.

    Step Two: Complete Course

    Once you have completed all the content modules in the course, our course includes practice examinations that will help you prepare for the end of course exam. Pay close attention to the topics that you are struggling with and review the corresponding sections in the course prior to taking your final exam.

    This is a great opportunity to take advantage of our Free Instructor Support that is available for one year after your enrollment date. Just give us a call or send us email to get in touch with a state certified instructor who will help you better understand the material.

    Your success is our success. Our mission is to provide you with the best education experience possible.

    Step Three: Complete End of Course Exam

    Once you feel that you are prepared, you can begin the end of course examination. Each of the three modules have a 50 question, multiple choice end of course exam. A passing score is 75% or higher.

    If by chance you do not achieve at least a 70% don't sweat it, you're covered by our 1-Year Retake Guarantee. The Florida Real Estate Commission no longer requires a waiting period for post licensing exams. You will have 1 additional attempt to pass. If you do not pass, you will be required to retake the course in full. This is at no charge as long as you are within 1-year of your registration date.

    Once you have passed the end of course exams for each of the three modules, you can pat yourself on the back because the hard part is over! There is no state examination for the post licensing requirement.

    Step Four: Pay State Renewal Fee

    Once you have successfully completed the course, we will automatically submit your information to the state electronically. We will electronically send you a copy of your completion certificate, as well as mail you a copy with your diploma.

    The last step is paying the renewal fee to the state. You can pay online, over the phone or by mail.

    The following link will take you directly to the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation Website where you can pay your renewal fee.

    That's it! If you have completed all four steps you have now successfully completed your Florida Sales Associate Post Licensing Requirement.



    How long does the course take to complete?
    The course is self paced. You may spend as much time as necessary to complete the course and can retake the exam as necessary free for one year with our exclusive 1-Year Retake Guarantee.

    Once I register for an online course, can I start it immediately?
    Yes. The online enrollment process includes credit card verification. In under a minute, you are approved to start your desired online course(s). You will receive an e-mail confirmation for your records and you may begin the course immediately following registration or at any time you choose.

    Must I complete the online course in one sitting, or can I log off and come back to it later?
    Your online courses are engineered to "remember" where you left off, so you can return to a given section at a later time. Make sure you use the proper "Exit" buttons in the course so that your course is bookmarked properly. You will need to complete online final exams in one sitting.

    If I fail the course exam can I get a refund.
    No the Florida Real Estate Commission prohibits schools from providing refunds for students that do not pass exams.

    Is my credit card information safe?
    Yes. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with the highest level of encryption available is used to encrypt all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, address, and social security number, so that this information cannot be read as it is transmitted online. For all pages through which personal information is transmitted, SSL is used.

    If I do not pass the end-of-course exam do I have to pay the school again to take the exam again?
    No, you can retake the exam one addition time, free for one year with our exclusive 1-Year Retake Guarantee. Due to Florida Real Estate Commission Regulations in order to take the exam a third time you will have to re-register for the course and complete in full.

    Technical Support

    • Dedicated Technical Support Team
    • 8:00am - 10:00pm Monday - Friday
    • 10:00am - 7:00pm Saturday & Sunday
    • Dedicated Tech Support Hotline (888) 827-0777

    FREC Approved School

    At TSRE, our school and all of our instructors are Florida Real Estate Commission Approved.

    All Pre-Licensing, Post Licensing & Continuing Education course also maintain FREC Approval.

    TSRE School License: #ZH1002233

    FREC Approved School

    At TSRE, our school and all of our instructors are Florida Real Estate Commission Approved.

    All Pre-Licensing, Post Licensing & Continuing Education course also maintain FREC Approval.

    TSRE School License: #ZH1002233

    Trusted by 25,000+

    Since it's founding in 2007 TSRE has been trusted by over 25,000+ past students to launch and build their real estate empires.

    At the Tampa School of Real Estate, your success is our success.

    Trusted by 25,000+

    Since it's founding in 2007 TSRE has been trusted by over 25,000+ past students to launch and build their real estate empires.

    At the Tampa School of Real Estate, your success is our success.

    Student Success Team

    Your Success is Our Success

    Our Student Success team is here to answer your questions and ensure you get the most out of your courses and study tools.

    Available by phone, text, chat or email.

    Student Success Team

    Your Success is Our Success

    Our Student Success team is here to answer your questions and ensure you get the most out of your courses and study tools.

    Available by phone, text, chat or email.

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    At TSRE | Tampa School of Real Estate, we're here to be more than just a required class. We want to help you pass on your first try, jumpstart your career and build your real estate empire... your success is our success!