Learn to Get Real Estate Leads from People You Meet

A big part of being an entrepreneur is advertising and marketing yourself. Aside from online networking, you can use situations in your everyday life to network in person. Real estate leads are all around you! Your next client could be behind you in line at the grocery store or sitting next to you at your son’s baseball game. It only takes a few minutes of conversation to leave an impression. Every small connection you have with a person can lead to an opportunity. Even if the person you’re talking to isn’t interested in buying or selling their home, they might have a friend or family member who does. Follow our tips to create your own elevator pitch.

Communication style

Communication style is important for getting real estate leadsThe most effective sales pitch is a genuine one.  To form an authentic relationship with possible real estate leads and clients, you need to be yourself. Take a second to think about your communication style. Are you an introvert, extrovert? Are you funny and laid back? Professional and formal? Identify yourself, and customize your pitch to match your personality.

Keep it casual

The aim behind an elevator pitch is to quickly summarize and sell yourself in the time-span of an elevator ride. Since this is a such a short time-span, you should describe what you do in a way that will paint a memorable and positive picture in their heads. Avoid terms that come with pre-conceived sales-y notions like appointment, cost, price, deal etc. Instead, use words such as: visit, solid investment or coffee.

What can you do for me?

Understanding clients view will help you get real estate leadsOnce you break the ice, describe the types of services you provide and why it might be beneficial to them. What sets you apart from the others? Use any past examples or achievements you’ve had. The client is more likely to listen and remain interested if they can get something out of it. This is your time to sell yourself and give them a reason to want to call you back. It’s okay to brag a little, but keep the focus on the reasons it could help THEM.

Avoid too much detail

Avoid too much information when trying to get real estate leadsSince you don’t have a lot of time, remember to focus on simple key points and questions so you get your point across without talking too much. Stay interesting and avoid overwhelming them with too much information. Remember to save the extra details for your next meeting.

Practice, practice, practice

Practice for Real Estate LeadsAll that’s left to do is practice your real estate pitch. Practice in front of the mirror and say it aloud until it sounds natural to you. Then, practice it some more. Try it out on friends or family members and use this time to practice your body language as well. Keep eye contact, and practice a firm handshake. Ask them for feedback and edit your speech until you feel it’s ready. Then, practice even more!

Crafting your own elevator pitch is a convenient way to spread the word of your real estate business and grow your clientele. Being able to confidently speak about your real estate business provides a great first impression and the start of a good relationship. If you can learn to start a conversation, and successfully sell yourself in a few minutes, your opportunities are endless.

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