Classroom or Online Real Estate Course?

You’ve finally decided to pursue a career in real estate and you’re ready to sign up for a class.  Do you choose classroom or online?  You need to determine the best method to fit your learning style and schedule.

Whether you are choosing this career right out of school or have been working for some time and have decided to change careers, having flexibility in your schedule is important.  Having the option of choosing either a classroom environment of an online learning program will allow you to obtain the best education experience that is right for you.

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Taking a course in an actual classroom is the traditional method of learning and the one most people are familiar with.  When choosing a classroom option one must consider their schedule and make time to attend class.  If you have a full-time job, a family or other personal obligations a classroom setting may be challenging.  However, there are many benefits to being in a classroom.  Listed below are a few of the pros for choosing the classroom option.

  • Focused Learning- in-class learning limits interruptions and allows you to concentrate on the instructor-led lecture.  There are no phone calls or other distractions to pull your focus away from learning.
  • Hands-on Learning- the classroom setting provides the opportunity to interact with the instructor as well as other students.  You are able to ask questions as well as get guidance and feedback as needed.  In addition, you can develop a support or study group of your fellow students to aid in understanding the course material.
  • Communication Skills- being able to effectively communicate with buyers and sellers is a vital part of a sales associates job.  The classroom setting will aid in developing this skill to help you be prepared for future interactions with clients.

working-at-computerOnline Courses-

With so many people using computers in their day-to-day activities, online classes have become an accepted method to access education courses.  An online course allows you to study on your own schedule- spending as much or as little time on it as you have available.   Listed below are some of the benefits of the online course.

  • Flexible Schedule- Since you are working at your own pace you are not locked into a specific time that you must be available.  You can focus on your course in your own environment and according to your schedule.  You are also able to spend extra time on any areas that you feel need more attention.
  • Unlimited Access- The online course is available 24/7 from any internet connected device. This allows you to work on your studies anytime, anywhere, when it is convenient for you.  Have some spare time in the morning?  Log on and complete a few pages of material.  You decide when and where you want to study.
  • Enhanced Programs- Many online courses are just reading through the online version of the textbook used in the classroom.  As technology has improved, the online courses have become more interactive; with games, activities, and quizzes; improving the learning experience.

Making the Choice

To get the most out of your education experience, you must determine which type of learning environment works best for you.  If you need more focus and a structured setting, then a classroom course would be the best choice.  If your schedule doesn’t allow you to be in a classroom, or you prefer learning on your own time and schedule, then an online course is the perfect option.

For more information on our classroom or online courses please visit us at  Or you can call 813-928-0106 and one of our student advisors would be happy to assist you with making your choice.



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