How to Expand During a Recession

Forget surviving, how do you thrive in your own economy despite what goes on with the rest of the world?

Do gas prices, the stock market, cryptos, inflation and other recent news headlines have you wondering what's happening in the world and what is the future for real estate?

Here's the thing, there will always be a future for real estate. People always will need places to live, work, shop and play. And as the saying goes, land they're not making any more of it.

The reality is that despite what label is placed on the economy, real estate transactions never stop, the dynamics just change. And with the right knowledge you can provide value in the marketplace in any market to the right buyers and sellers who need your help.

In today's episode we'll be diving into the trends and statistics you'll want to watch and understand to position your business for success in any market!



The world is in a recession or is it only your economy? I totally don’t want to talk about the word recession. But reality, regardless of what’s going on with the world, you can have your own economy. That’s the key to expansion during the time of recession or economic uncertainty.

We all know that energy/gas prices are much higher than how it was supposed to be 2 years ago, which is one of the big factors in terms of economic prices, since gas is being used for transportation. So let me ask this, are you working just to spend for your petrol allowance? Or your income now is going breakeven with your expenses. Quite scary right?

Today we will talk more about how you can adjust or position your real estate business profitable regardless of what goes on with the real estate market, and talk about the strategy that may help you be financially free or stable in this time of recession or economic uncertainty.

These are some of the practice or strategy that I share to help you not rely on the economic activities that will help you drive your business, but you working your way to drive your own economy 

  1. Multiple Stream of Income - ideally, you need to have 7 streams of income on your gear to make sure you are still doing great regardless if there is an economic recession. This doesn’t only play with the real estate world but also with other fields of business.
  2. Figure out Easiest Way to Generate Significant Changes - this type of strategy helps you if you are currently working full-time with your day job and you need to add one profit engine on your gear. The analogy behind this is, executing less effort with high output. This sounds cliche but it is doable. One of the examples that I can share is, using the Course Referral Program that we offer via This will  help you get a drip of income without putting too much effort on your end and you can still enjoy your day job or your profession. 
  3. Set up your own business - working on a company may it be a large scale company or any form of company that you are being called as an employee may be looked at as a red flag. Not really a red flag that you need to get out of there right now, but a red flag when the time hits that there’s a recession or economic uncertainty. Lay-offs will be there when the company struggles and that’s the first thing that you will think of, whether you will be part of it or not. To avoid this from happening, why not be your own boss? Establish your own business which you drive, you plan on growing, you will work on using your own effort and countless days of mind-blowing strategy set ups. You can set up different businesses, but let me help you with your thinking. Being part of the real estate world is easy since everything is already figured out for you, systems are there, you just need to have the best training, mentor, and a license. After that, you’ll be grabbing your own business.
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