Get Licensed Before 2023

Is there still time to get your Florida Real Estate License before the end of the year?

The short answer is yes, but time is running out every second!

Join today's episode of Ask the Instructor to find out how to fast track your licensing process and obtain your Florida Real Estate License before the January 1st, 2023 FREC Course I syllabus update.

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Hello Tilequa, check out this here: I’d recommend reaching out to the attorney on that page. His firm can help produce any necessary documents for the FREC or even represent you through the entire licensing process. Many of our past students have used his services. Hope that helps, and message us at (813) 333-2676 if we can be of any further assistance!

Tampa School of Real Estate

I took the class exam and passed, but I can’t take the apply to take the state exam until I get back something for my background from another state. I can’t get it back for various reasons so I can’t provide any documentation attached to my application. What should I do? Would I have to retake the class exam if I don’t take the state exam before January 1?

Tilequa Robinson

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