FL Brokerage Relationships

What are the 3 main types of brokerage relationships found in Florida?

Which brokerage relationship is assumed by Florida law as the default relationship?

What brokerage relationships are specifically prohibited in Florida that are allowed in many other states?

How does the level of brokerage relationship selected for your transaction affect your duties and responsibilities to the client?

Whether you're studying for your Florida Real Estate Exam or trying to expand your real estate business knowledge, join this week's episode to learn more about brokerage relationships in Florida.

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I wanted to inform you that I took advantage of all the Pass the First Try tools. I was able to pass my State Exam on the first try two weeks ago!

Terry Hatfield

I don’t understand which one of the options is the one that mentions “not responsible for the agent’s actions” and why or how the actions of the agent could affect the seller.

Edwin Camacho

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