Express Real Estate License Florida

The Fastest Way to Get Your Florida Real Estate License

 How do you expedite the licensing process so it takes as little time as possible?

To make sure you minimize forgetting important information from class, how do you earn your Florida license as quickly as possible?

Today we'll be sharing our tips, tricks, and secrets to accelerating your licensing process.

From the fingerprints to the application, scheduling your state exam, and taking the next steps, we'll be pulling back the curtain to help you speed through the licensing process.

If you have any specific questions you can always call or text an advisor confidentially at (813) 333-2676

We look forward to helping you advance your real estate career!

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you do the fingerprinting in house or you send the students to UPS

Wilfredo Calo

I took the 60 hr course but I never took the exam. Do I need to redo the course again

Kelley Donofrio

I am inquiring in the 2 week Real Estate course?

Angel Bryant

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