Aceable Agent vs TSRE

If you have decided you are ready to obtain your Florida real estate license, you may be wondering what is the best real estate school that will get you there the fastest.

Aceable agent is one of the many nationwide schools offering courses to obtain a real estate license. While it may seem that a larger, nationwide school may be a better choice, there are several reasons why this thinking may not set you up for success.

The biggest reason why any national school is not in your best interest is due to lack of specialization. As an aspiring real estate agent, you may not know how different laws become when you cross state lines. This can result in a confusing explanation of laws in courses making it more difficult to pass your exam and earn your license, especially in Florida.

Tampa School of Real Estate (TSRE) is Florida's largest independent real estate school. TSRE only specializes in Florida real estate. When you reach out to Tampa School of Real Estate for support, you can be assured that who you are speaking to is an expert in Florida real estate licensing specifically.

In addition to specialized support, TSRE offers the most effective exam prep known as the strategy. Even if you took your FREC required pre-licensing course through another school, you can still use TSRE's custom built exam prep tools to prepare for your state exam.

There are several locations in and around the Tampa Bay Area if you want to take classes in person, or TSRE can bring their best instructors to you either LIVE online or on-demand.

Once you're licensed, take advantage of TSRE's extensive alumni network including brokers actively recruiting newly licensed agents.

While there may be cheaper options available, the "you get what you pay for" is very obvious when it comes to real estate education. Students from over 40 countries around the world have trusted Tampa School of Real Estate to advance their real estate careers.

Become TSRE's next success story.

Enroll today online, or reach out to a TSRE advisor directly at (813) 333-2676