Tampa School of Real Estate Policies

These policies and procedures are in place so that we may continue to offer an exceptional education experience to all students. Tampa School of Real Estate reserves the right to amend these policies at any time without notice. Please check this page for the most current version.

Classroom Conduct

All students are expected to not disrupt the learning environment of others. Your instructor may impose any additional rules necessary to maintain order and an effective learning environment.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

During class time, all cell phones and electronic devices must be silenced. Repeat offenses not only disrupts the learning environment, but also may result in your removal from the class. These electronic devices may not be used for recording of class lectures, even if only for personal use.

Recording Devices

Recording devices of any kind are strictly prohibited. Please visit our exam prep page for tools available to help you study.

Smoking and E-Cigarettes

Smoking is prohibited inside all buildings and corridors. If a designated smoking area is not specified, please refrain from smoking withing 25 feet of all entrances.


Parking will be designated by your instructor or administrative staff. Tampa School of Real Estate does not assume any responsibility for theft and students are to park at their own risk.

Classroom Etiquette

Please ensure you do not disrupt the learning environment during class time. Not only is this a detriment to your learning but also your fellow students. Please refrain from cross talk during class time and raise your hand whenever you have a question or something to add.

Outside of Curriculum

All courses offered at the Tampa School of Real Estate have a predetermined curriculum. To ensure all necessary topics are covered within the allotted time, anything that does not pertain to the class curriculum cannot be covered during class time. Your instructor may try to put your question into context of the curriculum, but due to time constraints may not answer questions outside of the curriculum. We welcome you to submit your extra curricular questions to be answered on our weekly live streams.

Legal and Accounting Advice

While many of the courses offered at the Tampa School of Real Estate cover various laws and rules, nothing taught during our courses is offered as legal or accounting advice. We strongly recommend consulting an attorney, accountant or the appropriate professional for professional advice.

Transfer Policy

Any transfers between classes must be approved by administration. A fee may be assessed for transfers that occur after a class has began.

Online to Classroom
Any student who originally enrolled in an online course, may transfer their registration to a classroom course with no fee imposed as long as the initial registration occurred within the last year and the course has not yet been completed. Please note that any difference in course tuition must be paid. When transfer do occur, the initial registration date remains in effect to determine eligibility for retakes and any other policies. If this is not the first transfer between classes, please contact an advisor to determine applicable transfer fees.

Classroom to Online
Prior to attending any part of a classroom course, a transfer to an online course may be granted with no additional fee imposed. If a student has attended more than three hours of a classroom course, a fee may be imposed for transfer to the online course. Please contact an advisor to determine applicable transfer fees.

Retake Guarantee

All students of the Tampa School of Real Estate are eligible for our 1-Year Retake Guarantee. If any student shall not pass the end of course exam for a course, as per Florida Real Estate Commission rules, they must first wait thirty days and then will be delegable for to take a different version of the end of course exam. If a student shall not pass the end of course exam on the second attempt, as per Florida Real Estate Commission rules, the student must retake the course again in full. No fees will be assessed for any of the above retake procedures as long as they are completed within one year of the students initial class start date.

Course Materials

Students will only be given one textbook. It is the students responsibility to bring the textbook to every class. Textbooks are updated regularly, should a student desire the latest version of the textbook, the student may purchase the textbook from the Tampa School of Real Estate bookstore.

Course Audit

A student may request to audit any of the courses offered at the Tampa School of Real Estate. A course audit allows a student to complete a course without receiving credit for the course. Tuition for course audits is discounted from normal course tuition. If a student would like to receive credit for the course, any difference between the full tuition and discounted tuition must be paid. Please contact an advisor for audit pricing.

Refund of Course Deposit

Deposits for courses are refundable as long as a written request has been made at least 3 business days prior to the class start date of the initial registration and within 30 days of the date of registration. Unused deposits can also be applied to other courses, materials or study tools offered by the Tampa School of Real Estate for up to 1-Year after the class start date of the initial registration.

Refund of Course Tuition (Minus Deposit and Textbooks)

The balance of any course tuition minus deposit and textbooks (see refund of course deposit for policy regarding deposits and refund of textbooks for policy regarding textbooks) is refundable if a written request is made within 30 days of the initial registration date and the student has not completed or attended more than the first unit of the course. Once the student has progressed beyond the first unit, the course tuition is no longer refundable.

Refund of Textbooks

Textbooks are refundable for 30 days only if in new unused condition. Once the textbook has been written in or shows noticeable wear, the textbook is no longer refundable.