How to Pass Your License Exams

on the First Try

How to Pass Your License Exams on the First Try

Step1: Learn Necessary Information

In the Florida Real Estate Commission required course, you will learn everything you need to know to pass the exam. The course can be taken online or in the classroom and is the first step to be taken in obtaining your license and preparing to pass the exams.

Classroom Course Online course

Step 2: Reinforce Along the Way

You may have heard the saying: "if you don't use it, you lose it." This is especially true when learning new information. To maintain the knowledge that you are learning, it's important to reinforce and review along the way. There are several ways to do this, and our course even has built in study tools like practice exam questions and digital flashcards. If you're looking for a great way to review the information, we reccomend our MP3 Key Point Review. Go though the review of previous chapters multiple times as you progress through the course. This will make sure you don't forget crucial information from the early sections of the course.

Mp3 Audio Review

Step 3: Test Your Knowledge

Testing your knowledge is eventually what's going to happen on the exam, but wouldn't you like to know if you're ready before sitting down for the exam? While there are numerouse practice questions throughout the course, our Exam Question Simulator has hundreds of professionaly written exam questions that you can access from any internet connectable device. You can take 100 question practice exams that will mimic the format of the state exam, or focus on the areas you are having the most trouble with.

Exam Question Simulator

Step 4: Be Confident and Prepared

The final step in making sure you're ready to pass your exam on the first try is to be confident and prepared. The Florida real estate license exams are designed to make you second guess yourself and really see if you know what you're talking about. The slightest bit of doubt in your knowledge of the necessary information can be the difference maker in wether or not you pass your exam. To help make sure your ready, we reccomend our weekend review class. This structured review session will help you build your confidence in the required knowledge and ensure the most important information is fresh in your mind before your exam. For best results, try to schedule your state exam right after one of these review sessions.

Weekend crem review class