Investing Time

Using your time to get ahead...

Did you know that 92% of Americans are W-2 employees?
But what does W-2 mean?

It means there is some agreement to trade time for money.
Day in, day out.
Clock in, clock out.
Weekly or Bi-Weekly Paycheck.

While a W-2 position provides much perceived stability, it's not how wealth is built.

So what about the remaining 8%?
How do they earn their income if not as a W-2 employee?

You may have heard of 1099 income.
It's the first step to taking control of your future.

While the 1099 income doesn't provide the perceived stability of the W-2 income, as an independent contractor, the 1099 income has unlimited potential.

Real estate professionals are typically 1099 independent contractors.
While you do have to register your license with a broker, you are your own business.

If you are ready to start thinking like a business, watch this episode about
investing your time rather than spending your time for money.

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