Counting Quarters to Counting Checks

Journey to Success: From Humble Beginnings to Real Estate Triumph

From counting quarters to counting checks, the successes & failures that have gotten me to today. In a rare State of Real Estate episode, Jon Carissimo opens up about his past in hopes of inspiring those who feel like the future they desire is out of reach.

Jon Carissimo, host of State of Real Estate, shares his journey from humble beginnings to success in the industry. He emphasizes the importance of mindset, personal growth, and overcoming challenges. He also shares key lessons learned, including the significance of positioning, gathering the right information, and becoming known. Additionally, he introduces a four-step strategy to prepare for the Florida real estate exam and discusses the benefits of post-licensing.

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What does the speaker mean by 'humble beginnings'?

The speaker is referring to his modest upbringing and the challenges he faced while growing up.

What were some of the major mistakes the speaker made?

Some of the major mistakes the speaker made include focusing on the wrong things, such as buying a car and designing business cards, instead of building his business and providing value.

What mindset shift did the speaker have to make in order to succeed?

The speaker had to shift from a frugal scarcity mindset to a mindset of abundance and providing value in order to succeed in his real estate career.

What is the 'first try strategy' for studying for the Florida real estate exam?

The 'first try strategy' is a four-step process that breaks down the studying process for the Florida real estate exam. It helps you learn the information, reinforce key concepts, test your knowledge, and be confident and prepared. It is designed to increase your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt.

What is post-licensing and why is it beneficial for jumpstarting a real estate business?

Post-licensing refers to the additional education and training that real estate professionals must complete after obtaining their license. It focuses on real-world topics and concepts that are directly applicable to growing a real estate business. By completing post-licensing early, you can learn valuable insights and develop a business plan that sets you up for success in the industry.

What is the process for getting a Florida real estate license?

The process for getting a Florida real estate license involves several steps. It includes completing the required education, passing the state exam, and submitting an application. The exact details and costs can vary, so it's best to visit for comprehensive information on the process.

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